In order to meet the envisaged objective of providing training and placements to 86000 people Virinchi Learning has collaborated with Virinchi Technologies, Vivo Bio Tech Limited, Bristlecone Hospitals, and other Bio Technology, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical companies for the placement of the graduates who would be registering for the training programs.

VTL is the parent company to the Virinchi Group, an ICT Products & Services company that is listed on the BSE and based out of Hyderabad, India.

A company that provides Breeding & Pathogen Testing and Non-Clinical Testing services for its global clientele. The annual production capacity is 240,000 animals and housed in a large 125000 Sq. Ft. animal facility, and 50,000 Sq. Ft. DSIR registered Custom Research Facility.

Founded in 2009, Bristlecone is a multi-specialty 75 bed hospital in Hyderabad (India) with state-of-art infrastructure, offering affordable and high quality care to a large patient base. The hospital’s mission is to provide affordable and quality healthcare to the wide population across South Asia with over 10000 beds in district headquarters.

75 + Affiliate Hospitals

Virinchi Learning has partnered with more than 75 hospitals throughout India for the placements of healthcare professionals who get trained at Virinchi Learning. The placement cell at Virinchi Learning would responsible for sending the profiles of the students who get trained at Virinchi Learning, and facilitate in scheduling their interviews and getting their job offer letters.